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dsc_0214-2-1Michael A. Davis is an aspiring novelist who cheerfully recognizes the need to generate a steady income in order to support her writing habits, and as such has also picked up a more conventional career.

She spent the last six years working her way steadily through the administrative portion of a private medical practice, starting as receptionist and growing into General Manager / Human Resources Director and then a brief stint as CFO. She has dabbled in graphic design, web design, and producing copy for professional websites and offices, as well as a few nonprofits.

Currently, she is looking for a new opportunity that allows her to use her creativity and/or provide support for the growth and learning of others. Helping others develop healthy leadership and career habits is her passion, and she equally enjoys the challenges of creating efficient business processes. One day, she vows, she will hang up that hat and take up writing full time.

For those who are inevitably wondering, yes, her name is Michael (phonetically: maɪkəl), not Michelle or any other more conventionally feminine version of the name. Her parents are nonconformist that way. In their defense, she was named after her Grandmother, who goes by Miki (and it’s also her Grandfather’s and her uncle’s name — it runs in the family!). 

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